The critically acclaimed Babylon's Burning post-apocalyptic skirmish wargame is now available to buy in three different formats. Other games coming soon include Blood, Sweat & Tears (combined arms WWII rules for 6, 10 or 12mm miniatures); Above the Trenches (WWI aerial combat rules); Troubled Waters (WWII naval rules); Reap the Whirlwind (WWII skirmish rules) and the first of our Die by the Sword skirmish games - DBTS 01: Wolves of the North (skirmish rules for the Anglo-Scandinavian Dark Ages).

They won't be seeing the light of day any time soon but eventually we will be releasing a range of RPGs covering a variety of genres, including the post-apocalyptic Dust to Dust and the evocative fantasy setting of Bleak Midwinter.

Currently on offer are the first eight packs in our Babylon's Burning range of post-apocalyptic 28mm miniatures.

Carl Critchlow's brainless barbarian is back in a marvellous full-colour comic. Thrud the Barbarian is compulsory buying for any self-respecting gamer with a sense of humour!

Please feel free to join us in the Babylon's Burning Yahoo Group for discussion about post-apocalyptic gaming in general and discussion relating to BB in particular.
More Yahoo groups covering our other games will be open to the public soon - watch this space!

Our games are available as electronic downloads from our associates wargamedownloads.com and RPG Now. Both are great sites and between them you'll find thousands of wargames, roleplaying games and supplements, board games, card games, floor plans, card models and all sorts of other gaming goodies - all at great prices.

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Okay, I know - it's been a long gap since the last news update. You know how it is; non-Hetzerdog related work, sickness, family crises... that sort of thing. I suppose since it's been so long, I'd better get on with it!

The good news this time around is threefold. Firstly, we've added Thrud no. 4 to the site - it's a great issue and if you enjoyed the first three issues you're not going to want to miss this one.
Secondly, we've added a new game to the line-up: Reap the Whirlwind is a WWII skirmish game based on our Babylon's Burning game mechanics that freelance designer Olaf Meys is putting together for us. We don't know when it's likely to be released but check out the Reap the Whirlwind page for more information.
The third piece of good news is that we have a new associate for retailing our games online. We've signed up with wargamedownloads.com - an excellent site with all sorts of downloadable gaming goodies including wargames, board games, card games, military manuals, card models, floor plans, flags and other bits and bobs. They're selling Babylon's Burning now and they'll be stocking our other games as and when they're released but it'll be well worth your while to check out their site even if you already own BB - they've got some great stuff there and the prices are very wallet friendly.

You'll note there have been some changes to the website. We've got rid of the dice and bases (they sold well but the profit margins were just too slim for them to be worth our while) as well as the projected miniature ranges that seem to be in no danger of appearing anytime soon - we'll bring them back as and when the situation changes but we didn't want to be seen to be holding out false hope!
While I'm sure many of you will be disappointed to hear that the WWI metal aircraft range is now on indefinite hold, we have come up with an alternative - see the Above the Trenches page for the details.
Most of the rest of the site has also been overhauled to a greater or lesser extent so be sure to have a good look around if you haven't visited for a while.

Photos and battle reports of the Babylon's Burning participation games (also an inside look at the brand new casino) at Cold Wars this year can now be found on the sidebar of the BB game page.
More Babylon's Burning related stuff coming soon!

The print version of Babylon's Burning is now available! Take a look at the Babylon's Burning page for the details. From now on, all our games will be available in print and electronic download formats - the next one available will be Blood, Sweat & Tears which will be available to buy in May (it's running a little late, I know, but we're having to re-do the layout of the entire game to fit American print sizes).

We have just finished designing the cover for our forthcoming Above The Trenches game. Our artist, Jan Mace, did a fantastic job and you really should check it out. As well as the cover art, we've added larger versions of the individual aircraft pictures to the webpage for you to drool over!

Flamejob - a new article with advice and new rules for using flamethrowers in Babylon's Burning - has now been completed. We wanted to let BB players comment and suggest any final revisions before we add it to the BB page here on hetzerdog.com but you can read it now on the BB Yahoo group.

Finally, we can now confirm that Babylon's Burning will be available very soon in print form for those of you who aren't keen on PDF downloads. The book will be perfect bound and all the counters, playsheets and templates will be available online so you can print them at home if you don't have access to a photocopier for printing the ones in the back of the book. The price isn't 100% certain yet but will probably be $19.99 (US) and we expect the book to be available in April.

Babylon's Burning at Cold Wars 2018! Rev. Jeffrey Welsh and Bill Hanson will be running games of Babylon's Burning at this year's HMGS East convention in Lancaster, PA (April 8-10). All participants will get a free miniature, those on the winning sides will get a free copy of the Babylon's Burning game and the most entertaining player from each battle will also get a free pack of BB miniatures!
It sounds as though it's going to be a great event - and we'll hopefully have some photos and a report to put up on hetzerdog.com afterwards. For more information about the Cold Wars 2018 convention, see www.coldwars.org.

We had a technical fault with our cable modem over late January and early February which lead to a bit of a backlog with orders. We have almost finished clearing the backlog now and parcels should be arriving on doorsteps by the time this text is up on the site. Please accept our apologies for any delayed deliveries and any late responses to email enquiries.

The ever-popular fantasy plastics range is now out of stock after a rush of orders in January but, fear not, we will be getting more in soon.

On a more positive note, we have now added new pages for our forthcoming Above the Trenches (WWI aerial) and Troubled Waters (WWII naval) games - we'll be updating these pages with new information over the coming weeks and months. Both games are due for release later this year and both will cost just $9.99 (US)